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Live OCD Free for adults

  • Interactively helps you create an exposure hierarchy to address your OCD symptoms.
  • Sets goals and rewards for practicing your exposures.
  • Provides you with a personal tool box for fighting your OCD symptoms which includes motivational scripts, relaxation and meditation recordings, specific strategies for contamination fears and checking rituals, and much more.
  • Records personalized loop tapes for exposure.
  • Obsessing Now function guides you in how to address particular symptoms as they arise.
  • Do Over function guides you in how to proceed after you have given into a compulsion.
  • Provides detailed progress reports that may be e-mailed directly to your therapist.

Live OCD Free for Kids

Kids, get ready to embark on a challenging, action packed journey where your wise pal, Sage the owl, will guide you and cheer you on as you battle the Worry Wizard. Conquer all your fears and find out who this mysterious evil wizard truly is.

Live OCD Free for kids provides the same basic functions as the adult version but in an engaging, game-like fashion. Kids will be guided to set up their own personal exposure hierarchy as well as to set goals and rewards for fighting their fears. They will have their own personal coach, Sage the owl, to help them with their OCD symptoms as they arise. Sage will give them all kinds of tools to manage their anxiety and stay motivated, including pre-recorded motivational scripts, relaxation exercises, and fun, inspiring songs.